The Starfish Promise in Ink

The Starfish Promise in Ink

Since launching our Starfish Promise in August this year, our foster carers have been making their promises to the children in their care – to make a difference to their lives.

It’s been wonderful for us to witness our carers making their promises, but for one of our carers, the Starfish Promise really made an impression, as Sandra explains.

“We have been caring for two girls for almost three years. They are wonderful children and we think the world of them. As Fostering People launched the Starfish Promise, permanency had just been arranged for the girls to stay with us until they reach adulthood.

As I was reading through the details of the promise and the starfish story and I felt that it really reflected the promise my husband and I were making to the girls through the permanency order.

“We discussed the promise as a family and it helped the girls to understand the commitment we were making to them, to care for them, love them and to be a forever family for them”.
The girls were given starfish craft shapes by Fostering People to decorate and keep. This gave Sandra the idea to have starfish of her own.

She discussed having a starfish tattoo with the girls, as a celebration and reminder of the promise they have made. The girls loved the idea and so Sandra is now the proud owner of this very beautiful tattoo. Each of the two starfish represents the two children, and just like the girls, the tattoo will be a lasting part of her life forever.

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