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Fostering with an Independent fostering agency

Fostering People is an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA). Foster agencies have been used by local authorities for over 30 years to provide suitable families for looked after children.

There is currently a shortage of up to 8,000 foster carers in the UK and Independent Fostering Agencies, such as Fostering People, play a vital role in providing much needed family homes for young people.

To ensure the provision of the highest quality care, foster care agencies are subject to strict regulations and Ofsted inspections in England and Care Inspectorate inspections in Scotland.

Why foster with an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA)?

Fostering with an Independent Fostering Agency can provide you with many benefits; these are often linked to the relationship that is shared between a foster carer and the agency. Local authorities are responsible for fostering, adoption and child protection. At Fostering People we only focus on fostering, as such we have become specialists in this field and have skills and time to devote solely to our foster carers.

That’s why our foster parents choose to foster with us and why so many of our foster parents stay; because of the unique relationship that we share with them. When you foster with Fostering People, you become part of the organisation, and that means that we’re on hand to offer any advice, guidance, training or support that you need in your time as a foster parent.

We have a huge passion for providing the very best fostering service to our fostering families. Ultimately, it’s an approach that’s producing some outstanding outcomes for the children and young people in our care.

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