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Emergency Foster Care

Emergency fostering provides temporary foster care for children and young people who may need somewhere to stay on short notice.

For a variety of reasons, children can need foster care in an emergency.

For emergency fostering, there is no time for introductions prior to a child coming to live with a foster family.

What is emergency fostering?

Emergency placements in foster care are usually needed with only a few hours’ notice. Because there is no time for plans to be made at this stage, the placements are often short term in nature.

Due to the efforts we make to achieve the very best possible match between children and families, emergency placements can develop into longer term placements.

Most foster parents experience emergency foster care at some point in their fostering lives, to ensure a child’s safety.

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Emergency placements out of hours

Many emergency fostering placements can occur outside of normal office hours or during the weekends.

As part of our outstanding support package, our ‘out of hours’ team will work with our emergency foster parents and families to ensure children are placed with a fostering family that meets their needs even outside of office hours.

We also provide our local authority colleagues with a ‘Foster Family Vacancy Hub’ so they have the ability to see quickly which of our families are approved for emergency fostering, to help them narrow down the search for a suitable home as easily as possible out of office hours.

This helps our foster parents too, as it means we have the ability to match our foster families with children as they are referred to us, even when our office is closed.

We also produce profiles of our families so, even in an emergency, children can see who they are coming to live with and see a picture of their bedroom before arriving at your home. We do this because we know the more information children have about their foster homes before they arrive, the more relaxed they are likely to be, which will in turn help them to settle in with their new foster parents.

Every foster child is an individual, that’s why we offer various kinds of fostering placements.

The types of fostering you offer will depend on your personal preferences and circumstances, but many of our foster parents are approved to offer more than one type of placement.

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Frequently asked questions

Does a foster parent get paid for fostering?

Yes, go to our financial calculator to gain an idea about how much you could receive.

Who can apply to become a foster parent?

Fostering is available to anyone over the age of 21 as along as you meet the criteria.

Will I receive any specialist training?

Yes, we believe fostering is a journey – and the more you know, the more you’ll get out of it. That’s why we provide ongoing training opportunities for both our foster carers and our staff. Before you’re approved as a carer, you’ll attend a preparation course designed to get you and your family ready to foster. And once approved, you’ll take part in our comprehensive training programme.

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