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Foster carer’s receives ‘Love your Garden’ make over nominated by the young people they have cared for

Fostering People foster carers, Fiona and Karl were featured on the UK most watched gardening programme, ITVs ‘Love your Garden’.

August 29 2018 - 4 min read

Fostering People foster carer, Fiona was featured on the UK most watched gardening programme, ITVs ‘Love your Garden’.

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Fiona has fostered more than 40 young people and is a real advocate for teenagers. It was two of the first children she fostered, who now living independently who nominated Fiona for a garden makeover to thank them for the love and support they offered and for their selfless work in caring for others, as Team Manager Linda Sallis knows from experience.

“I have just watched the most lovely gardening programme on ITV, our foster carer Fiona was lucky enough to have their garden redesigned by Alan Titchmarsh. I cannot think of a more deserving person. Fiona has been foster carers for 12 years and during this time have offered a home to many children and young people.  Fiona has always risen to a challenge and have been willing to offer their care and support to teenagers who perhaps would not have been given the opportunity of a safe and secure family. Fiona is experienced foster carers and have an inbuilt ‘stickability’ where young people are concerned, fostering for Fiona does not stop when young people leave their care, they continue to support young people and remain in contact with them, their door is always open, well done to Fiona and thankyou on behalf of the children and young people you have cared for, you have enriched the lives of many”.

Since Filming...

took place back in May, Fiona and her family have had a wonderful summer to enjoy their new garden as Fiona explained. “It’s made such a difference, we have been able to eat breakfast outside and the kids now live outside, choosing to spend time in the garden than be indoors.”

Fiona enjoyed watching last night’s programme with 30 people including her foster children and their friends, grown up foster children, and other family members. “It was so busy, and so much noise” Fiona recalls “I couldn’t actually hear the programme as it aired, but it was really lovely evening with family and friends”.