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Can you foster if you have a dog?

Can you foster if you have a dog?

Having a pet including dogs can be a real asset to a fostering home.  Many children suffer attachment difficulties due to the many placement moves and this can lead to them not trusting adults.

A pet dog can be a great first step for many young people, helping them to form attachments to the family as a whole.

Are any dogs considered?

Most dogs are – Yes.

However if you have a dog that is banned by law then we won’t be able to consider you to be a foster carer.

As part of any assessment to foster, your dog is considered as part of the family and as such is also assessed.  We will contact your vet to ensure your dog has been well cared for and we’ll also interact with your 4 legged friend so we get to know them, as well as you.

More than half of foster carers also own a dog, we think its all part of a foster carers nature, to care for others and animals alike, paw in hand.  So don’t be put off by your dog being part of any assessment.

Matching children with my dog?

At Fostering People we place a huge importance on matching.  When we receive information about a child in need of a home, we will not consider a foster home with a pet if a child is afraid of animals.  We will always share information with the local authority that your family includes a dog or any other pets you may have.

To take that first step to become a foster carer, get in touch with us via the form on this page or give us a call on 0800 077 8159.

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