Over 18

Are you someone that used to be in foster care with Fostering People and have now reached independence?

We like to keep in touch with you to find out how things are going now you’re an adult.

To do this we have our ‘Graduating FP’ scheme.

Each person that leaves Fostering People on reaching independence is entitled to the following to make the occasion

  • A gift for the future
  • A good luck card signed by Fostering People staff
  • A framed graduation certificate from Fostering People
  • A personal letter from Oliver Kirkland, the Registered Manager

With your permission we’d also like to take a photo to display in the office.

Some of our graduates only spent a small amount of time with our carers, and others spent many years. How long you were with us for doesn’t matter to us, we’d still like to keep in touch.

In December, in the run up to Christmas we would like to invite you to join us for a Christmas lunch on us.

In this way we hope that we can keep in touch with you. We really like to know how you are getting on.  It’s also really helpful to children still in our care to hear about the experiences of our Fostering People graduates.  If you would like to share your experiences please do, let us know on the form below.

Keep in touch

If you’d like to keep in touch and join us for a meal at Christmas please complete the form below.