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Steve and Sandra's fostering story

Read about Steve and Sandra's fostering story.

September 17 2020 - 3 min read

"At Fostering People we are part of a team"

We became foster carers because we wanted to give a child or a young person an opportunity to be a part of our family and with our life experiences sensed we could offer a secure and consistent environment to enable a young person to thrive.

Our fostering experience can only be described as rewarding. Although at the beginning we were very anxious, “would we be capable” “would the children like us” “could we meets their needs” etc.

Within a year all our anxiety would fade, realising that we already had the experience and the knowledge to address most situations, and now the children are without doubt an extension of our friends and family.

At Fostering People we are part of a team and the support and friendship from other carers has supplied us with confidence and a wealth of knowledge.

Fostering has its’ moments, I funny one I recall is taking a young man to school on his first day, he said “I will walk from here, I don’t want the other kids to think that you are my granddad”!

But fostering is rewarding too, seeing the children develop and meeting new people and also developing ourselves.

We have been with Fostering People for 2 ½ years and they have proved that they are forward planners who thrive on innovation which make them leaders in this sector. They are always very professional and very approachable albeit with a family feel. Communication is exemplary and our opinions and concerns listened to and addressed. We are also very aware and appreciate their transparency. Without doubt their main priority is for the children or young person’s welfare.

If you have a spare room and would like to know more about short term fostering or how to become a foster parent, please give us a call on 0800 077 8159 today.