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7 Reasons to Foster with an Outstanding Fostering Agency

We delve into why opting for fostering with an 'Outstanding' agency is beneficial, highlighting seven crucial factors.

February 22 2024 - 4 min read

Outstanding Fostering Agency

If you’re contemplating fostering a child and exploring fostering providers, the abundance of choice might be overwhelming. You may have encountered the term 'Ofsted Outstanding' during your research, and have an understanding its significance in the context of school evaluations. In this piece, we break down the reasons why considering fostering with an ‘Outstanding’ agency is worth your while, outlining 7 key factors.

7 Reasons why you should foster with an outstanding fostering agency

  1. Continuous Assessment

    Unlike schools, where the frequency of inspections can be reduced after achieving an Outstanding rating, fostering agencies operate differently. Agencies like Fostering People, rated 'Outstanding' since 2013, undergo inspections every 3 years. This ensures a continual focus on improvement, with efforts to enhance practices ongoing, even between inspections.

  2. Having Strong Foundations

    Every fostering agency must establish fundamental elements, including policies, procedures, safeguarding of children, and support processes for foster parents. An outstanding agency not only has these foundations in place but consistently implements and follows them.

  3. Continual Improvement

    To attain an Outstanding rating, agencies need to surpass basic foundations. At Fostering People, we recognise that improvements are always possible and this drives our commitment to staying updated on research and initiatives. Embedding these learnings into our practice ensures we continuously enhance our support for foster parents.

  4. Continual learning

    Outstanding agencies, including Fostering People, view themselves as learning organisations. Reflection on outcomes, understanding reasons for deviations from plans, and implementing changes are integral to our approach. This reflective learning ensures continuous improvement in our practice.

  5. New Initiatives

    Exceeding expected service levels is crucial for an Outstanding fostering agency. Fostering People has consistently demonstrated this by launching various initiatives such as Mockingbird and an ACE-informed approach to therapeutic support. Ongoing efforts, like refining the Matching process through national research, showcase a commitment to innovative solutions.

  6. Consistency is Key

    Maintaining an Outstanding rating through multiple inspections requires a dedication to consistency. At Fostering People, achieving a fourth consecutive Outstanding Ofsted inspection sets us apart, as one of only 4 agencies out of over 300 nationally. Our sustained commitment to improvement and a culture focused on doing the best we can contribute to this exceptional achievement.

    How have we done this?

    At Fostering People, achieving and maintaining an Outstanding rating involves an unwavering commitment to providing the best care for children, coupled with continuous improvement in supporting and training foster parents. Our desire to continually improve comes from our overriding desire to offer the very best support to foster parents and the children they care for.

  7. Start the way you mean to go on

    Foster parents play a pivotal role in an agency's Outstanding rating. At Fostering People, the journey begins with a robust assessment process and additional tools designed to prepare potential foster parents for the fostering role

Fostering with an Outstanding agency like Fostering People ensures not only a solid foundation but an ongoing commitment to excellence and continual improvement, making it a compelling choice for anyone considering fostering.

To find out more about fostering with Fostering People give us a call on 0800 098 4149 or enquire online.