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How Fostering People Work Locally

At Fostering People, we are committed to creating reliable networks within your local community. Our team has always embraced remote working, operating beyond the office. We serve numerous regions across the country, with our social workers living and working from home within the communities they support.

April 17 2024 - 4 min read

Fostering people - about us

At Fostering People, we believe in building dependable networks inside your local community. Established in 2000, our Nottingham office is our base, but our team have never been confined to our office, embracing remote working. We work in many regions of the country, and our social workers live and work from home inside the communities we serve.

The Benefits of Having a Social Worker on Your Doorstep

Having a social worker close at hand means our foster families have easy access to local support, and you can feel confident knowing that we are by your side. You’ll develop a close-knit relationship with the team at Fostering People. They will work with you to identify any further training and development opportunities to help you have a thriving fostering career.

Having a social worker based in your community means they can keep you updated with local activities and events, including the ones we run for our families at Fostering People. Our events and activities allow the children in your care to make friends with people who may have similar complex backgrounds. They also help you connect with like-minded foster parents.

Your social worker will know where and how to access local resources, such as additional support for foster families caring for children with disabilities. Along with advice for foster parents caring for a child from a different culture or ethnicity.

There are risks in all communities, so having a social worker who has the inside scoop on local criminal activity and drug trends is a practical asset for keeping the children in your care safe from harm.

Not being confined to our office means our support is tailored and based around you, your family and other commitments. You won't need to make travel arrangements to attend your local office because your social worker will come to you. What's more our events, support groups and training are all provided in convenient local venues, not to mention our extensive range of training which you can complete at home. So, you'll have more time to spend with your family and nurture the relationship with the child or young person in your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure I receive high-quality support?

Working the way we do, with one registration, means that our services remain unified across the agency, and there is no loss of quality in our support. We have received an Outstanding Ofsted result across our services four times in a row, so you’ll always receive outstanding quality support and training regardless of location.

How does training work?

We are flexible in our approach to training and support, holding sessions in community venues and regularly reviewing venues to suit our foster parent's needs. Not only does this mean that you don't need to travel far to attend, but it also helps support the local community. Some training is also available online, so you will meet foster parents from all over the country without leaving the comfort of your home.

I live outside the East Midlands; will this impact support?

Foster parents living outside of the East Midlands region will still receive 24/7 support with the same access to our network of therapists and other highly skilled professionals. Additionally, with your social worker just around the corner, you can rest assured that you are fully supported.

How will referrals work?

Our referral teams work with you, your social worker, other professionals in the local team and the local authority to build strong working relationships. Our Referral team will get to know you well during the matching process so you can receive individualised support and successful matches; this will help your relationship with the child in your care to flourish.

Will I have an opportunity to meet the office-based team?

We hold regular regional forums where the office-based team meet foster parents in their usual local venue, updating them on everything happening at Fostering People. So why not pop along to your next one for a coffee and a chat?

Can I contact the senior management team?

We provide our foster parents with the contact numbers of the senior management team, who are more than happy to assist you.

If you're already a foster parent or are considering a fostering career and would like further information about how Fostering People work locally, please get in touch.