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A Special Mother’s Day Thank you

We celebrate the dedication and love foster mums provide in nurturing vulnerable children. Join us in recognising their invaluable contributions to the fostering community.

March 5 2024 - 3 min read

Celebrating Foster Mothers

Celebrating you!

This Mother’s Day, our thoughts naturally turn to the remarkable women who gave birth to us, raised us and continue to be there for us well beyond childhood. Whilst this experience rings true for many, it isn’t universal. This Mother’s Day, we are extending our celebration to the foster mothers who selflessly stepped into the role of nurturer, supporter and loving guide when children for whatever reason could no longer live with their own parents and families. We want to recognise the amazing contributions made by foster mums and pay tribute to the different journeys they have all been on in providing love, stability and hope to foster children.

The role of a Foster Mother:

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to express our thanks to the foster mums who have played a vital role in the lives of children. For many, coming into foster care is a traumatic experience filled with uncertainty and fear. Foster mothers and fathers become the reassuring figures who help children feel at ease, providing comfort during a challenging transition. This Mother’s Day we want to acknowledge the role foster mothers play in helping children understand the circumstances that led them into care and reassuring them that it’s not their fault.

The Unique Challenges of Foster Parenting:

Being a foster mother is no easy feat. When children enter their homes, they often yearn to be in their own homes, creating a unique parenting challenge. Living with strangers isn’t a child’s first choice, and foster mums and dads have to navigate the emotional complexities that arise. Yet, we see our foster mothers rise to the occasion, demonstrating resilience and unwavering support as they guide children through the process of understanding their backgrounds and processing trauma.

Beyond the Initial Challenges:

Foster Mothers are not just temporary caregivers; they often become long-term parents for children who initially entered their homes in emergency situations or when care was initially planned to be short-term. We want to say a very Happy Mother’s Day Foster Mums because our foster mum’s have embraced the natural ups and downs of parenting, but also embraced the challenges unique to foster care that brings additional complexities that arise when children have experienced trauma and miss their own parents. When foster mum’s go on to become long-term carers, the deep emotional bonds which are forged in the face of adversity last throughout childhood and beyond.

A Special Thank You:

This Mother’s Day, let’s extend a special thank you to foster mothers. It’s more than just a day for Mother’s Day cards for Foster mums, it’s an opportunity to recognise and appreciate the profound impact these women have on the lives of vulnerable children. Their selflessness, resilience and love create a lasting foundation for children to build upon as they grow into independence, with hopes and dreams for the future, which would not have been possible without their care.

Foster Mums are unsung heroes who open up their homes and their hearts to children in need. Their unwavering commitment, love and dedication deserve our heartfelt thanks. This Mother’s Day, let’s honour and celebrate foster mothers for their unique and invaluable contributions to the lives of the children they’ve nurtured.

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If you’d like to find out more about becoming a foster mum, this Mother’s Day get in touch.