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Foster children perform at The Big Sing Off

Foster children perform at The Big Sing Off

Choir Master Christianne tells us all about this years Big Sing Off.

“The ‘Rainbow Rockers’ of 2018 are an up-and-coming choir group, consisting of 8 children and 11 foster carers.  One extremely sociable young man was the guitar player for the choir.  The Rainbow Rockers performed in May at the Globe Theatre in Blackpool.  We put two songs together to mirror this year’s Big Sing Off theme “Hope and Dreams”.

One of the two songs was also performed in sign-language.  So the challenge of combining two songs did not stop the Choir from progressing in achieving a final song piece.  Songs were transposed and piano sound track recorded in-house.  

Learning the words, the signing, and moves made the choir journey during rehearsals extremely fun, and more often than not, the children were the quicker learners!! The choir group were a fantastic group of children with loads of ideas, skills and personality!  We made props were used, including a big wooden heart with a young chap’s performance stealing the audience’s heart, as everybody gasped with admiration when this move was done.

As the Choir Master, I felt that it has truly been an honour to have led such a great group of talented children who managed to find the courage to be brave and overcome their stage fright, and simply go for it!  A big thank you goes also to the dedicated foster carers who joined in and were hands-on, in particular to one couple who helped with the props in the last 24 hours before the big day.

Finally, I must mention the young man who put forward himself to end the choir performance on stage with a solo”.

Well done all!

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