Disability fostering, changing lives’

Disability fostering, changing lives’

Josh had never left hospital.

Can you imagine being over 2 years old, but having never left hospital?  This was the reality for Josh.  But with the help of Fostering People he now has a disability fostering placement. 

26 month old Josh (not his real name) has very complex health and medical needs.  He needs to be monitored 24 hours a day, as his health can turn critical at a moment’s notice.  Because of this, he has lived in a hospital environment.  He had never experienced family life or the benefits of a loving, warm and nurturing home.

It has taken 10 months of planning to provide a family home for Josh.  This has included providing his foster carers with 8 months of specific training to be able to fully meet his medical needs.  Josh has now been with his foster carers for a month and in such a short time, the benefits of a family placement are already showing positive result for him. 

How fostering has made a difference.

Josh is more alert.  He enjoys babbling away and spending time is a specially created sensory room.  His foster carers are committed to ensuring Jack can reach his full potential and are already seeing improvements in his development and ability. 

 Because he has been able to be fostered, he will be able to enjoy his first Christmas in a family home.

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