Building trust makes all the difference when Fostering

Building trust makes all the difference when Fostering

The other weekend we had a lovely morning of snow, so I set out for the great outdoors with a camera in hand.  This little Robin was certainly the ‘snap’ of the day.  It sat on the wing mirror of my car, we made eye contact and then something a little magical happened; the little bird decided to trust me.

It let me put down the car window and hold up a big camera lens all less than a foot away from it and then it posed for me.

These few moments had a lasting positive impact on my day and even now a couple of weeks on, it makes me smile to recall that moment when trust was established.

This puts me in mind of that moment when trust is formed with a foster child and how special that is.

The children we care for have often learnt not to trust adults, adults have let them down, treated them badly and for many children in care, adults have given up on them too, time and time again – ending their placements and forcing them to make a new start somewhere else.

At Fostering People we really make a difference, helping more children to learn to trust again.

With the great package of support we provide including our therapeutic fostering model PACE, we really do make a huge difference to foster carers being able to commit to a young person, ensuring that help is available when challenges arise, and increasing stability for children in our care.

That moment when a young person knows that you’re not going to give up on them, and the moment they learn to trust you…now that stays with you forever!

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