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Speak out loud

Speak Out Loud is a toolkit which was developed by Fostering People, with the support of the Children’s Workforce Development Council, for the benefit of those applying to become a foster carer. It serves to perform as an aid to applicants as they go through the Form F Assessment.

Speak Out loud collates a wide range of information from looked after children and young people, airing their thoughts and feelings about foster care.

The teachings from this document are geared to perform as a catalyst for conversations between the applicant(s) and assessor regarding some of the issues and dilemmas encountered when undertaking the fostering task.

Consequently, it is hoped that in documenting their thoughts and feelings, children and young people looked after will gain further clarity about the impact of fostering on them and their family.

Throughout the toolkit we have incorporated the Training, Support and Development Standards (TSD) for foster care.

Download/Purchase Speak out Loud

Speak out Loud is available to download as a PDF.

Alternatively, you can purchase it a DVD from Fostering People at a cost of £10 (inc p&p) from the Fostering People Head Office in Nottingham. Either call our office on 0800 077 8159 or email stating that you would like to purchase Speak out Loud. Please include your name and address.

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