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Quality assurance

A dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures that Fostering People maintains the highest quality service provision for the children and young people we place, along with our foster carers and our local authority partners.

The QA team promotes continuous improvement in all aspects of the services provided by Fostering People. It ensures that we not only comply with internal and external minimum standards, but that we strive to exceed them.

Further duties of Fostering People QA

Quality Assurance also acts as a source of information, advice and support to staff at all levels across the agency and supports staff and project teams to evaluate the work. It’s also active in conducting customer surveys and producing analysis of their feedback.

The QA team produces performance review information and tackles specific work as identified by the Fostering People Board of Directors.

This team sets our performance standards and makes sure that they are understood, as well as producing and regularly reviewing and updating all Fostering People policies and procedures – ensuring that we are using best practice and current thinking.

Audits and inspections come under the auspices of this team, as well as alerting agency staff and foster carers to relevant central policy initiatives.


Quality Assurance responds to formal complaints and, where issues can’t be resolved at local level, will undertake investigation – in line with our complaints tier system. Fostering People’s complaints procedure is in line with requirements of the regulations. Current copies can be requested from the Fostering People office or downloaded by clicking on the booklet below.



Liaising with external agencies

The QA team liaises with a range of key external stakeholders over matters of fostering service standards and policies, including Ofsted, as well as relevant government departments, BAAF and Fostering Network.

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