Starfish Promise

All of our foster carers make a starfish promise for each child they care for.  They make a promise to make a difference to you and make your experience of being in foster care as positive as it can be.

Your carer will promise to:

  • listen to you
  • commit to care, protect, love, nurture and empower you
  • act to improve your experience of and outcomes from being in our care
  • promote your involvement with Fostering People by nominating you for award schemes and competitions as well as attending agency events
  • to do all they can to encourage, support and enable you to:

–  complete your ‘Have your Say’ and ‘Be Heard’ forms and show you all the resources available on Kidszone.

–  take part and contribute to their own care plans and care reviews

–  take part in Participation activities an events within Fostering People.


Why do we call it a ‘Starfish Promise?’

The video above tells the starfish story.  How its not possible to make a difference to all, you can make a difference to one.  In the same way, our foster carers can’t make a difference for all children in care, but they can make a difference to you.

Starfish fact

Did you know that if a starfish injures an arm, if it has the right conditions the arm with regrow?  If you are injured from any of your past experiences, your foster carers will do all they can to help you to heal and grow too.



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