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Frequently asked questions

Here’s where all children and young people can find some of the answers to those niggling fostering questions.

We’ve assembled the answers to the most common fostering questions that children ask us, so we hope it’s a really useful page for you.

1.  What is fostering? Fostering is when a fostering family (foster carers) look after a child or young person for a period of time when they can’t live with their own birth family. Foster carers make sure their fostered child or young person has the care and attention they need and deserve.

2.  What will my foster carers be like? Foster carers come from lots of different backgrounds and have all sorts of different homes and lifestyles. Some have other children living with them – either their own birth children or other young people they are fostering.

3.  Will I meet my foster carers before the placement starts? It’s not always possible for you to meet your foster carers beforehand. But wherever there is enough time to make this happen then we do, so that you can get to know your foster carers and their home before you move in. If there isn’t enough time then you will always get a family profile to show you photos of your foster family and your bedroom.

4.  Will I get pocket money from my foster carers? Yes you will. At Fostering People, we give money to your foster carers to help them look after you. This includes your own pocket money as well as money to buy you clothes and shoes. We don’t tell your foster carers how much pocket money they must give you. We think this should be agreed between you, your foster carers and your social workers.

5.  Will my placement get reviewed? Once you are placed with a Fostering People foster family, you will have regular meetings between you, your foster carers and children’s services to make sure your foster placement is going okay and to see if there’s anything that needs doing to make it better.  Your first review will be within 28 days of you first moving in with your foster carers. You’ll then have another review in 3 months and then 3 months after that. Reviews will then take place every 6 months.

6.  Can I have contact with my friends and family? The law says that the children’s services department must help you to have contact with your family and friends (except in some very specific circumstances). You can always talk to your social worker about who you have contact with.

7. Why does a social worker turn up when not expected and asks to see my room?

We need to know that you are safe and being looked after appropriately. As such a social worker from Fostering People will come to your foster carer’s home twice a year without any notice at all that they are coming.  The purpose of this visit is to inspect what your foster carer is doing normally when their social worker isn’t around; to ensure you are safe and being appropriately cared for.  It’s for this reason that the social worker will ask to talk to you and have a quick look at your bedroom, just to make sure everything is ok.  They are not inspecting you in anyway, but they are inspecting your foster carer.  Please help the social worker by answering their questions as openly and honestly as you can, and do let them have a look at your room, they don’t mind if it’s a bit of a mess, it’s so we can be assured that you are being provided with the essentials you need.

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