Julia and Mark

Julia and Mark were approved as foster carers in December 2003. Their fostering journey began with Daniel; to say they opened their hearts to Daniel is an understatement. Daniel is diagnosed with a life limiting disability and requires high levels of care and close supervision at all times.

As a young family at the time – Julia, Mark, and their two children – Zak and Abigail, opened their hearts and their home to him.  Over the years they have given Daniel opportunities to learn to swim and visit places such as Australia and the Caribbean. Throughout they have challenged, and continue to challenge, the stereotypes, misunderstanding and misconception of what children with Daniel’s level of ability can do and achieve. Julia and Mark’s dedication, commitment and devotion to Daniel was evidenced in their decision to adopt him.

Julia and Mark feel very strongly about the rights of disabled children and throughout their fostering career they have demonstrated their commitment to advocate on behalf of the children in their care to ensure they receive the level of support they need. Julia and Mark have continued to evidence their commitment to disabled children and in 2012 they made the decision to pursue their fostering career as short break foster carers, providing an excellent level of care to children and young people with a diverse range of needs.