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Training and support


We fully understand that to succeed as a foster carer you need support. And that’s what we’re here to do; provide you with the very best support and training you need, so that you can provide the very best support to the young people in your care.

As an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ rated agency, we are confident that the support we offer to you is second to none. Ofsted said: “The quality of service provided to carers is outstanding. Surveys of all households by Ofsted and also by the agency show almost complete satisfaction”.

We’re really proud of our achievements, but we won’t always have all the answers. For that reason we are a learning agency; when situations arise that we can learn from, we incorporate this into our practice so we can make further improvements to the support and service we provide to you.

An example of this is our comprehensive induction programme, which began in 2013. We offer this to all our newly approved foster carers to give the very best start to your fostering career. Your induction begins as soon as you’re approved with us and your supervising social worker will take you through it every step of the way.

Our comprehensive foster carer support package includes:

  • Access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of a year.
  • Supervision and support from a qualified and suitably experienced Fostering People supervising social worker.
  • Consultation with qualified therapists and education staff.
  • Paid respite and/or holidays.
  • Regular local support groups and forums.
  • A comprehensive post-approval training programme, which meets the Training, Support and Development Standards (TSD) for foster care and includes access to a Diploma in Childcare.
  • A level of financial support that values the skills of foster carers.
  • Membership of FosterTalk.

We’ve also devised our very own Foster Carer Charter, which outlines the promises we make to our foster carers and our expectations.

Download the  FP Foster Carers Charter


Training is an essential part of being a foster carer. Whether you’re new to fostering or not, there’s always something new to learn. Our highly regarded training courses are easily accessible to you at local venues and provide a great opportunity for foster carers to come together and learn from each other as well as the trainers.

We also offer e-learning courses for some subjects, which can make it easier for partners that work to access training more easily.

We offer over 30 training courses at all levels and your supervising social worker will work with you to identify training that compliments the needs of the children you’re caring for and also promotes your own career progression.

And like you, our staff are also expected to attend training so we’re all up to date on how to make a real difference to the young people we care for.

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